Importing to Corkboard

So my typical workflow in Scrivener involves creating hierarchical topics and then filling out the details on the Corkboard cards. Then, of course, I can fill in the draft text itself as I build my piece.

My question is if there’s a way to do that in other programs and bring it in. So I know how to import an opml and get it in as docs in the binder. Is there a way for me to import so other content goes onto the card on the Corkboard?

Yes, there is an option for that if I understand you correctly. Basically you have outlined something in an outliner, and the intention is that its headlines will become Titles, and any notes you’ve added to the outline will be brought in as Synopses (instead of main text). Go into the Sharing: Import preference pane, and change the OPML setting to Import notes into: Synopsis.

Now try dragging your .opml file into the binder and inspect the results. And of course, for cases where you do want the text to be in the main text area rather than the synopsis, select the card and use the Documents ▸ Auto-Fill ▸ Send Synopsis to Main Text. You can then clear the manual synopsis to have the card preview the main text instead.

This is fabulous. Thank you!!!