Importing web links

I’m using Windows - 1.9. Does the import function work or am I doing something wrong? Also, I can’t find the QuickReference button - to view a doc in a separate window.
Lastly, where can I set a date for when a document is to be submitted, it then works out how many words need to be written per day to make the dead line?

WRT Web links, you’re fine–the function is broken. Evidently the outdated code on which v. 1 of Scrivener for Windows is written simply hasn’t kept up with the Internet. If this is important to you. I believe it is working in the advanced beta of v. 3: see the Beta Testing Forum,

Is the Quick Reference button a feature of the v. 3 beta? I don’t recall it in v. 1.9; but I could just be dense.

Can’t help with this one. Hope the above is some use anyway!

Update to the latest beta for Windows - the quick reference can be found under ‘Navigate - Quick Reference’ and if the ‘Windows - Float Quick Reference Panel’ preference has been selected you can move that panel around the screen or across to another monitor as required.

Do we know when V3,0 is going to be released?

Not that happy about paying for a product that doesn’t work as expected; as demonstrated in videos. The videos make no reference or distinction between the IOS and MS platforms.

After missing a couple of stated release dates, the company has wisely quit giving dates. The beta is on about Release Candidate 10, I think, so “soon” would be good, but uselessly vague, guess. From what I hear (I haven’t used it) the v. 3 beta is very stable and productive, with the largest remaining issues being in the compile process. Numerous people here report using it successfully to do real work.

I can’t speak to the videos. Are these on the Literature and Latte Website? There have always been some differences between Mac and Windows versions, simply because Macs and Windows machines are capable of different things, so a video about a Mac version of any software may not be identical to the Windows version. But the Windows version of Scrivener did fall rather badly behind in some respects, and importing Web links is one of them.

Thanks DavidR for the response - very helpful.

@AussieDoc - where can I download the the 3.0 Beta release 10 for Windows?

Found the beta version. Seems to have the functionality I’m looking. Bit of a shame it looks a bit MacOS-wishy washy.

I’m getting “This Scrivener for Windows Release Candidate 10 will expire after 15 October 2020.” - can’t see where to apply the license key though - any takers?

Don’t worry about that - either the new Version 3 will be released or a new beta will before it expires. Has been so for a while with the beta.

Have a good look around the forum for more information.