Importing Web Page from File on Computer?

I have a private wiki that I keep a lot of my research in – this is particularly handy since there are two of us, 1300 miles apart, working on these projects.

However, there are occasions when it would be handy to have one or more of the pages pulled into my Scrivener Research.

I’ve tried importing directly from the Wiki, and Scrivener can’t, because it’s passworded.

I also tried saving a copy of the webpage on my machine, and pointing Scrivener to that. It appeared to work, but what I got was a blue-grey blank page.

I may be able to just copy and paste it to a text document, but that screws up my session word count, and I never remember to do it after I’ve stopped for the night.

Any thoughts?

If you place the imported text outside the Draft folder (for instance, in the Research folder), it should not screw up you word count. Have you tried that?

EDIT: Checked it and yes, it screws it up. Sorry, it seems to be neutral only for the Draft target.

Yes. I tried it in both the Draft folder and in the Research folder.

Doesn’t work.


If you save the webpage as an HTML file to your hard drive, you can import that into Scrivener without affecting your word count. In the Import/Export tab of Tools > Options you can also first select “Convert HTML files to text” if you prefer; the conversion will happen when you import and will likewise not affect the session word count.

I tried saving it as HTML to the hard drive. Then I tried File => Improt => Webpage. THat got me the funky blue gray blank page.

OK, I found the Tools => Options thing… but I’m not sure I want it as plain text because it’s a table…

If you’re importing it as a saved HTML, use just File > Import > Files… or simply drag and drop the file to the binder. Import > Webpage is for downloading from a server.

Converting to text was just an option if you wanted that–I wasn’t sure, because you’d mentioned copying and pasting from the site. Another option would be to copy and paste to a different, non-Scrivener file, then save that and import it. Importing doesn’t affect the word count, so you wouldn’t have to worry about that.

Or you could just jot down the session count first, then copy and paste everything you wanted into the project, and then use the “Reset” button in Project Targets to start again at zero and just add your first number to your final session count when you’re finished.