Importing web pages and RTF

I am using Scrivener beta version 0.0.35 and having problems importing web pages and rtf documents. The main problem seems to be when images are being imported, although I cannot be more specific. Some web pages display with images but others do not. Even those that do import are not rendered in the same way as firefox or IE. What I am hoping to do is to add pages from Wikepedea (and other sites) into my research section but currently these look nothing like they would look in a ‘proper’ browser. :frowning:

A similar problem exists when importing an rtf file. Again, images seem to be a culprit. Larger more complex files seem to hang without completion, or completes but the imported document stops before reaching the end.

Sorry I cannot be more specific with details. I am using Windows 7 Starter O/S and have no problems with web pages or rtf files. I do like Scrivener though so disapointed with this lack of functionality. If this cannot be resolved then I may need to consider getting a cheap Mac as that version is head and shoulders above anything else. The windows version is so far disapointing in its functionality.