Importing web pages from subscription websites

Is there any way of importing a complete web page from a subscription website (i.e. one that requires a username and password)?

I can open the web page in both Safari and Firefox (username and password are memorised in Keychain), but when I subsequently attempt to import it into Scrivener, only an excerpt of the page is imported, as would be seen by a non-subscriber.

Any suggestions?

Incidentally, I previously had a load of problems with web page imports causing Scrivener to crash and, in some instances, not even open. These were all solved by upgrading from Tiger to Leopard. If anyone else is experiencing similar difficulties, I’d recommend an upgrade. It worked very well for me.


See the Services menu, which gives you two options with selected text:
Append Selection to Current Text Document
Create New Clipping from Selection

In the DevonThink apps, Services gives you four options, to make a rich or plain text copies, either to memory or as clippings in the database. If you’re going to use the data for many other projects, I’d recommend that you store them in DT, not Scrivener.

You can also save the web page as a .webarchive from Safari and then import the web archive into Scrivener (Scrivener’s import web page feature just does this for you, but it is much more limited than a full browser and doesn’t support password-protected sites).
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