Importing web pages

Working on a project that involves pulling a lot off the web, without the time or the need to organize it all via Devonthink. I’ve found the most convenient thing to do is import the web page directly into Scrivener (thus preserving original context and a record of the url – thanks, Keith, for this). If the text is long and needs highlighting, I duplicate the imported page and convert the copy to text.

Doing this a lot makes me wish for a Service or script that would permit me to import a web page directly from a browser, the way I can now create a clipping from any selected text via Services. It would save a lot of keystrokes in a workday.



This has been asked for several times in the past. The trouble is I simply don’t know how to write an applet for a browser that would do this… I think it may need AppleScript, and Scrivener is not yet Scriptable. And any sample code on the web has not been very helpful. So it may well get implemented in the future, but only if I ever have time to fully investigate and find out how to do it!


DevonThink is better for your purposes. There’s really no need to “organize” materials you put there, except maybe into a folder called Web Clips. They will list in the chronological order that you import them, you may change their titles to suit your purposes, and you may write tags or other phrases in the Comments field. The powerful searching and AI features do all the rest. This takes little time and bother, since DT is a freeform text database.


I find DT works best for thoughtfully organised research – when the focus is on knowledge and ideas. It works well (and it is a wonderful application, I use it every day) when you have thought about what you want to explore and how to organise what you’re gathering.

But when I’m writing I don’t want to think about any of that, or to be overwhelmed by the hundreds of possibly relevant docs that come up in a big database. When I’m writing I just want to grab something and use it and not pause to think about why or whether the association of the moment makes any kind of sense, or should be preserved.

Not sure this is clear, but the two functions --Knowing what I know (DT) and Writing what I know (Scrivener) feel distinct to me. For ex when writing I don’t want to stop to rename, tag, file etc. Just seems like a different task for a different time, I guess.