Importing web pages

When using the Import Web Page feature, should it honour the import options that the user has set pertaining to HTML imports? I prefer converting HTML and WebArchives to text, so that I can annotate them. When pulling off of the drive, this works fine, but if I import straight off of the Internet, they get moved in as WebArchive files. Once they are in, I can use the conversion function right below that – but it would be logical if it just used that “Convert WebArchives to text” toggle in the first place.

Hmm, dunno about this. It is explicitly labelled “Import Web Page”, which implies that you are importing a real web page rather than text, which is the intention. And like you say, you can just use the item below it if you do want the web page as text. It’s also a little different to importing multiple files, because you only have to do it once.
So, I think this one should stay as it is.

Adjusting the wording to “Import From Web Page…” would clear that up, but I see your point. :slight_smile: