Importing Web Sites

I’m new to Scrivener and am taking an online class that uses iOS as their main example. I’ve noticed quite a bit of discrepancies between the Windows version and the iOS version. Seems like Literature and Latte spent more time on the iOS version and kind of set the Windows version aside for later.

One such annoyance I have is my inability to import web pages. As it stands, web imports either freeze OR, when I click on the link they create, Scrivener tries to open using Internet Explorer, which Windows 10 doesn’t even offer. In fact, one of the import options is IE. I have a ton of research I need to import and would love to see my web page in its fullness within the document screen rather than a separate web browser.

I would also like to see the option to free form the index cards on the corkboard as done in the iOS interface.

As I continue to learn Scrivener I hope there aren’t a ton more bugs and that things start working a bit smoother.

Welcome to the forums, jnhups. I’m with you on the Websites concern; it’s maybe my biggest disappointment with Scrivener for Windows. I think (but I don’t recall for sure) that the upcoming Great Big Update of Windows Scriv is supposed to make this feature functional at last.

WRT iOS vs. Windows, the program was first designed by a Mac user for Mac users. It was so good that it got ported to Windows, but Windows has always been a step (or more) behind. I think the Great Big Update is supposed to largely rectify that. Hopefully the actually knowledgeable folk will be able to jump in and clarify or correct this.

Yes. It appears (and this may be a Windows issue, not Scrivener) that the current version opens links in Microsoft Edge. I have my default browser set as Chrome, because that is the only viable browser that really allows sync’ed bookmarks between my desktop, laptop, iphone and ipad.

Hi -

I’m new to Scrivener and the forum, as well.

Mine seems to be opening Edge, too, rather than Chrome. Argh. I was looking forward to having the site open in Scrivener. So if this is a Windows thing and we’re all waiting for the magic update, is there a workaround in the meantime. It’s not like it’s that hard to right click and copy a link, but…

I do want to correct one piece of information.

IE is still present on Windows 10, even though it’s not the default and is not linked on the default menu. If you visit a webpage in Edge and hit the right-most triple-dot icon, one of the options is “Open with Internet Explorer” – which will take the current URL and, astonishingly enough, open it in IE. Obviously, if you’ve switch to Chrome being your default option, that may not help you much.

If want to open the website in your default web browser that may be other than IE, then simply click the complete web address URL that is displayed at the bottom of the display in the task bar instead of clicking the title in the middle of the contents area. If you click the title link, then it will open up in IE.