Importing webpages > double ads and footers


after importing specific webpages as

everything works OK except one detail: scrivener doubles all ads and footers.
for details please see attached file.

best regards, anko

It looks as though this particular web page is using some kind of scripting to present only some of the ads, and when it is imported via the WebKit system, this scripting isn’t working, so you end up seeing all of them. I can’t think of a really easy way to avoid that, sort of downloading the web page to your computer and editing it to remove the ads entirely—but that isn’t a terribly simple thing to do unless you have some knowledge of editing web pages. Unfortunately the web import system is supplied by Apple, so idiosyncratic results like this are difficult to fix or work around.

thanx for your quick reply - this bug isn’t really bothering me – a way to avoid these double ads is using the print-option most of the webpages are offering.
best regards, anko