Importing Wikipedia Webpages

I am having difficulty importing Wikipedia webpages into my project’s Research Folder. I try importing using various formats for importing webpages, but no luck.

I appreciate any help with this. Thank you.

It would help if you gave more information, specifically if you’re using the stable version, 1.9.x, or the beta version,

If the latter, this should be in the beta testing forum anyway; if the former, no doubt a Windows user will come along to advise.


If you’re using the current public/stable version (1.9), it has not imported Web pages well for an embarrassingly long time. My understanding is that it’s because the underlying code that Scrivener uses is out of date for Websites as they are currently structured. It will be fixed in the new version (and may already be fixed in the current beta). Till then … saving the Web page as a PDF and importing that is about the only thing that works reliably.

Hey there Mark. I am using 1.9.9 version of Scrivener.

So now I know what the problem is. Thank you Mark and David for your responses.

You’re welcome, Andrew. We’re all longing for the new Windows version to be ready! (As I’m sure are the developers!!)

I am having doubts about wikipedia lately. The page about me is so full of errors. I have seen other pages that are not accurate as well.

Still, you have to start somewhere, and I have been known to start with wikipedia on occasion.