Importing Windows files to Mac

I bought Scrivener back in 2013 for my shiny new(as it was then) Macbook Air. I continue to use the Mac as my main tool, but for when I’m out and about I have a much, much cheaper notebook running Windows 10. My guess is that I wont have any problem creating or working on a project using the Windows version of Scrivener, then saving it to Dropbox or wherever, and opening it up afterwards on the Mac to carry on working. I’d just like to confirm this is so before I buy a Windows version. I believe it is, but I have to watch the pennies and I’d like to be sure, so if someone can confirm this, I’d be very grateful.

Yes, that is mostly true, but you should read this article first as there are some important differences between the two versions: … patibility


Thanks Katherine - I hadn’t seen that page before, so it’s very useful to link to it. Most of the heavy lifting and all the finishing up, will be done on Mac, but I want to be sure that the work I do whilst on the go, using Windows, won’t be lost. Looks like I’ll be counting out the pennies for a Windows version as well!

I tried opening a Mac originated Scrivener file in the Windows version of Scrivener today. The Binder is there with each individual file name but the contents of each file is empty. I’m not sure what I did wrong or maybe because I am trying this with a Windows Trial version?

Any help would be appreciated!

It sounds like only portions of the project were copied over from the Mac. I would try again, this time using the File/Back Up/Back Up To… menu command to create a copy of the project with the zip compression option enabled. That will turn the project into a single file which is much safer for transfer between systems, and much easier as well.

With the .zip on the PC, double-click to preview it, and drag the “my project name.scriv” folder out of the .zip to your Documents folder (or wherever you prefer). Now drill into that and double-click the .scrivx file to load the project.