Importing Word doc acts different in different templates

I had a long Word doc (V16.55) before discovering Scrivener (Mac OS Monterey). I read about Import and Split and to use the Heading styles I already had in place. At the top of each section was a 2-cel table with text in the left cel, and a photo in the right cel. I successfully imported into the Tutorial Template. After importing, I converted the sections into Folders. Everything looked great, including the table withe text and image imported intact as a Synopsis (not expected, but OK).

I later found other templates, and imported the identical Word doc into the General Non-Fiction template. HOWEVER, when I converted the sections into Folders, everything did not look great. The table disappears from the section folder. This DOES NOT HAPPEN with the template that is used for the tutorial. The Heading shows up in the Synopsis box, but there is nothing there. If I convert back to text file, the table with text + image reappear.

So, questions are

  • What template is the tutorial created in?
  • And is the way a section conversion from text to folder expected to be different in different templates?

I would suspect there is some other factor going on, such as changes to the .docx file in the interim, or maybe just using different features differently, unaware.

The concept you seem to be referring to as “templates” isn’t an actual thing that exists in Scrivener. Yes, there are project templates as a feature for generating new projects from a starting point, but they do not result in anything so fundamentally different that would change how a file imports, and no project cannot end up becoming identical to another project, no matter which template you used to spawn the original state from.

You can see this for yourself with a very simple example:

  1. Create a new project from “Blank”.
  2. In the starter file for that project, type in the letter “A”.
  3. Use the File ▸ Save As Template... menu command, and save it using whatever settings you wish.
  4. Now create a new project and use this test template.

That’s it. That is what a template is, just a stored copy of a project that can be used to create other projects. Feel free to right-click on your test and delete it.

That said, if you already went through the effort of importing and cleaning up a manuscript in the tutorial project, then I don’t see any reason to try and do that all over again in another project. Open both projects up at the same time, and drag and drop the imported work from the tutorial into your new project. Done!

What template is the tutorial created in?

All of the project templates and the tutorial project itself began with “Blank”, just like you tested above.