importing word doc with bullets as scenes

im endeavoring to import my seventy pages of MS Word doc as a screenplay… when i wrote the word doc, i bulleted it so each bulle was the slug line for a scene…

can scrivener import my “bulleted” Word doc and automatically recognize / assign each bulleted section as a scene?

thank you for any help !

can anybody help with this ---- im slowly watching my sunday slip away before my very eyes - and im thinking the only thing i can do is start re-entering all seventy pages of my word do all over again… that’s gonna kill me - thx for any help

I’m not entirely sure I’m clear what you’re trying to do, so if this isn’t what you mean I apologize.

When you import a document, you can choose File>Import>Import and Split… and then give Scrivener a marker to recognize the split. If your bullets only show up at the places you want the scenes to split, you can probably put the bullet as the “marker” for what “sections are separated by”. Alternatively, you could do a quick Find/Replace in Word before you import and add something before the scene breaks–e.g. an extra line with ###–and then have Import and Split recognize that.