Importing Word docx file and rtf files changes formatting

I just imported a long manuscript and when splitting out the 51 chapters I found two chapters where the page layout was changed mid-chapter from full page width to approximately half page width. I tried several things to correct it including going back to the original Word 2007 docx file and saving just those chapters in rtf format (no change to formatting there) and importing just those chapters - same result - part way through the chapters the page width was changed. I have tried other things too but nothing has worked.

Please help.

This happens sometimes when importing from Word because the Word file format can contains some erroneous formatting hidden “behind the scenes.” Try this to fix it:

Go to Documents->Convert->Formatting to Default Text Style. In the resulting text box, click the boxes that say “Preserve Font Size,” "Preserve Alignment, " and “Preserve Line Spacing.” Leave the remaining items unchecked. Click OK.

This usually fixes the margins without losing any other formatting (although if there are unusual tab stops in the document, you might lose those).

Hope this helps!


Thanks for the comments, Jeff, but I tried your suggestions and nothing changed.

I did find a solution as soon as I figured out how to turn the ruler on. The manual says View, Layout, Show (Hide) Ruler or Ctrl-R, but it is actually Format, Show (Hide) Ruler or Cntl-Shift-R.

Once the ruler is visible, it shows the margin tabs for each paragraph and they can be adjusted to whatever you want.

I am using Windows 7 64 bit and Word 2007.


I have to amend my last post. In another chapter nothing but your suggestion worked as the margin arrows were missing from the ruler.

Go figure.