Importing Word manuscript into Scrivener

I am writing a non-fiction book, which is almost completed as a complete re-write of a previous book, and thought I should import it into Scrivener as a “Non-fiction” book. Turns out that looks like it was the wrong choice.

I guess I should have imported it into a Blank template and then it would have copied all the chapters and other elements right into the Binder. Am I right on this?

Now, it’s just a mess and I guess the best way to go is to delete the whole thing and import it anew into a Blank template. No, I won’t lose anything because I haven’t added any text as yet.

I guess this is a rookie mistake. :confused: :confused:

Section 9.1.6 of the manual can probably help…

Slàinte mhòr.

There’s nothing wrong with using the non-fiction template, it just comes with some presets that you may or may not like. Saying “it’s just a mess” doesn’t tell us much about what happened or what you wanted to see.


Actually, I found a tutorial about the import and split, inserted the # and it imported into a blank document. That part was OK. Now I’ve added new chapters and a BOOK ONE, BOOK TWO AND BOOK THREE.

I want to add running heads and page numbers but can’t find the command. In Word, it is really easy, but not here.

Can I take the entire project and copy it into a non-fiction template? I suppose I could, but how? Yes, I’m being a bit of a dunce and probably not providing what you need.

Have you been through the Interactive Tutorial yet? If not, please do. It’s available from the Help menu.

In particular, Scrivener doesn’t care about page layout until you assemble your final manuscript with the Compile command. Page numbers and running heads aren’t relevant to your initial project setup.

I’d suggest (after you review the Tutorial) creating a new project based on the Non-fiction template. It will include an information file that explains what the template does and how to use it. You can drag your existing files into that project if you like, but there’s nothing in the template that you can’t accomplish yourself starting from a Blank project.