I’m trying to import my first doc into Scriv but “import” is dimmed. The doc is a plain text ms created in Nisus.

I mistakenly imported it into the tutorial, then deleted it. When I closed the tut & tried to import the doc again, I got the dimmed “import”. A reference to the doc shows up in recent docs but when I click on it, the doc is empty.

Also, should I create a projects folder first, before I import? Or does Scriv create the project folder automatically? “Help” doesn’t mention anything about creating a project folder first…

Totally confused here.


I think you have to create a project in order to have anything to import into.
Do not, import anything into the tutorial.


Thanks Vic…I just edited my OP to add that neither “help” or the tut mention anything about creating a proj folder first so I’m kind of lost…

You need a project open in order to import. You can’t import a file into nothing…

You could perhaps add a fuction that a new project is created when a file is dragged to Scrivener (would reduce support requests - I had the same problem but figured out what to do).

I don’t think so. Honestly, you are the first two users who have had this problem. :slight_smile: Scrivener works in a way that most users would expect - the same as iMovie, iWeb, DevonThink and any number of others, you have to have a project before you can import.

I don’t have the problem. I had it one time!
I’m fine with the current behaviour.