Importiong Powerpoint presenations


Does anyone knows why I can not import Powerpoint presenations in Research folder? I am completly new, just starting with Scrivener and using not the latest version, but 1.54.

Scrivener 1.54 did not support importing arbitrary files - it supports text, images, media (sound and movie) files, PDF files and web pages. You would need 2.x to import Powerpoint presentations.
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And to be clear, ‘import’ means using Scrivener as a resource hub in this particular instance. If the resource is something that Scrivener itself cannot display natively, then it will just be an icon that you need to load in the native external program to view. On Lion, however, if the file format has a Quick Look preview, that will be used instead of the icon. With some formats this is good enough to serve as a decent read-only viewer.

With 1.54, you need to use References instead of bringing the resource into the project binder. References link to the item from its original location. They can be found in the Inspector sidebar (click the blue button on the right side of the toolbar; then the little bookmark icon at the bottom of this slide-out panel).

You could also print the presentation to PDF, and import the PDF. If you don’t need to edit the file, the PDF would save you the overhead of loading Powerpoint, and might also be smaller.