Imposition / booklet formatting

Just wondering if there’s a way to set Scrivener up to format text files in an imposition format so that I can print out “signatures” that are properly ordered in 4-page per-sheet format for duplex printing.

I’ve had a hard time googling tutorials for anything Scrivener, as if the internet is ignoring it. So…I figured I’d make an account and ask. Previous experience with OpenOffice would usually lead to various “plug-ins” that would do what you wanted them to, but with scrivener, this doesn’t seem to be the case.

Scrivener isn’t really intended to be a layout tool. While there is provision for outputting to common ebook formats in the Composer, those use readily available conversion libraries and are meant to cover the common types of formatting.

Having said that, the Windows version is not as full-featured (yet) as the Mac version, so even if the Mac version can do this (which I doubt) the Windows version can’t. I don’t know if this kind of capability is even on the Scrivener roadmap.

Your best bet is to get your text files set up in RTF or Word format with the text edited the way you want, then pour (import) that into your layout tool of choice, such as InDesign, Scribus, Pages, or whatever you use to perform the final layout.