Impossible to add numbering to existing style

I am attempting to add automatic numbering to a paragraph style definition. I select the whole paragraph, I apply numbering to the paragraph but, after redefining the style to match de selection, the rest of the same style paragraphs don’t take the numbers. What’s wrong on my part? Thank you very much in advance.

It seems that this feature is not supported. Please transform it into a feature request.

When I think of numbered paragraphs (or lines), I think of a vertical strip along the left of the text editor that displays hard line numbering (not soft line breaks). If that’s what you’re thinking of as well, then use the View ▸ Text Editing ▸ Show Line Numbers menu command.

However you make frequent mentions of styles, which isn’t something I would ordinarily associate with line numbering as a concept. So let me know if you’re thinking of something else, and an example of what that might look in other software, or Scrivener.

Thank you very much for your message.
I know the show lines numbers feature, but I would like to be able to have actual numbering in my text via a text style that automatically increases the number at every ocurrence of that style (obviously, with an option to restart numbering). It’s a common feature in desktop publishing software. For the moment I am using copyholders but the numbers only appear when I compile. I hope this helps to understand what I am attempting to get.

I see, yeah I think placeholders, inserted by the compiler as a part of the style’s prefix is going to be the best solution for the job. That strikes me as the best approach all around, since depending on what you use these for (proofing etc.) you may not always want them. So it’s the kind of things you could add to a style for a proofing-oriented Format, but not for a final submission manuscript output.

If they are for proofing though, I can see how you’d want the reference in the editor as well. It may work best to do what some people do with revision cycles in general, and that is to import the compiled proofing copy back into the binder as a reference, in Research or wherever. Ultimately though, if this is what you’re going for, you may want to look into other methods overall. Techniques that work well for word processing oriented ARCs and feedback gathering are often not well suited to Scrivener (getting feedback in page numbers + para numbers for example, is almost worthless).

For other things you’re trying to do—I suppose bullet style listing is there. It’s not ideal at large scales though, and as it sounds like you note, it doesn’t mix well with styles unfortunately (it’s a technical limitation).