Impossible to change default font

I’ve searched the forum, read the manuals. Followed every instruction I can find, but I still cannot change the default font of this software. I do not want courier, I want times. I’ve tried on existing projects, I’ve tried on new projects. I’ve changed font in preferences, in script settings, by selecting all in binder and changing font etc etc. I still cannot make this darned software change default font.
I’m using scrivener 2.2 on mac.

Hmmm… Are you using one of the supplied templates? Some of those have built-in font settings.

Since you said you’ve tried changing the font in preferences, I assume you’ve looked at Preferences->Formatting, and your changes didn’t take?


As Katherine says, you change the default font under Preferences > Formatting. That only affects new documents, so if you then want to apply that to existing documents, you have to select those documents and use Documents > Convert > to Default Text Style.

You say you are seeing Courier. Could it be that you have switched to scriptwriting mode by mistake? Look in the binder - any documents with a yellowish icon and three hole punches are in scriptwriting mode rather than regular text mode.

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OK, so if I’ved used one of the supplied templates, like Novel, how do I change the default font then?
No font in Preferences-Formatting is courier, if I do ‘convert->to default text style’ all my texts are converted to courier.

No icons in the binder is yellowish.

The template you started with has no effect on the default font. The default font should be set here:

The only other place it can be set is in the project text preferences (Project > Text Preferences…), but you would have had to turn that on yourself explicitly. Still worth checking, though, because Text Preferences, if turned on, defaults to Courier.

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Try going to Project > Text Preferences and make sure that “Override text formatting for this project” is deselected. It sounds like that may have gotten switched on, which means that this particular project is using the settings there for the defaults (thus when you convert, it’s using that for the formatting) rather than the global defaults set in the Formatting pane of Scrivener > Preferences. Once you’ve deselected the override, your new documents in the project will use the global defaults you’ve set, and you can again use the Documents > Convert command to switch the existing documents.

Thank you very much. This fixed it.