Impossible to open projects because security parameters

security parameters ( windows or norton) block many of my orlder projects .I have tried to desactivate them ( defender or Norton) nothing works

Doesn’t seem like a Scrivener problem, does it?

Whitelisting Scrivener V1 and Scrivener V3 should be enough. Maybe settings for the .scrvx filetype are possible?

Other than that, perhaps the Norton support service can help you out.



It seems a Scivener problem The problem is only on older project .They do not open.
I uninstalled and reinstalled it . Nothing change. Windows supports checked all what it tohght to be its problem. It did not see that is was Windows ,
I unstalled again the lated update but this time I reinstalled a previipis may 2023 version .Surprize ! it opened up anew
But trying on some older ones it still blocks .But many could now be opened! Weird!
There seems to be a bug The new update does not ask for a refresh new version of the project and claims it a internet security parameter.
Thanks for the reply