Impossible to open Scrivener files

Hi, sorry for my English.
I bought a Mac license several days ago (before I bought a Windows version). I buy a new Macbook air 13 but when I try to open Scrivener I only can do it 1 time per 10 or 11. My computer is clean (I only install scrivener and spotify app, in fact). I use Onedrive, but I can’t open any Scrivener files. I reinstall the app but the error continues.
Thanks in advance.

Welcome to Scrivener and the forum, albertovk.

It’s possible that the cause of your problem lies with OneDrive, if you use it for storing your projects or transferring them from a Windows computer to a Mac. OneDrive is one of several cloud services for which Literature & Latte provides an advisory. (Certain cloud services present problems in handling Scrivener’s multi-file format and may damage your projects, although precautions may be successfully applied; OneDrive is one of these. Certain other cloud services, such as Dropbox, are reasonably safe).

For OneDrive, you can read the advisory here.

Thank you, #Hugo.
I search in the web some problems and one of them talks about the last Mac act El Capitán and the problem with the complete screen option. I open the scrivener file, delete one inside file and it works again, but I must change the format options again. I pray for it not happen again and I wait the solution in the next version of scrivener.
As I said, the problem was in the Onedrive file and others no-Onedrive file.