Improve Layout of Scrivenings Titles

I am a big fan of using Scrivenings mode with “Show Titles in Scrivenings”.

The only thing that still bothers my eye is that there is no spacing between the title and the first paragraph. I like to write with ample line and paragraph spacing, so it looks kind of awkward to have the section title glued together with the first line of the text.

Short of changing the paragraph settings to add space before each paragraph, as a helpful user suggested as a workaround, would the developers maybe consider to implement an option to add paragraph spacing after titles in scrivenings, in the same way that font size / style can be customized in the preferences?

Thank you very much!

Hi jandavid.

I’m sure KB has considered this, but—even as a non-programmer—I think the problem is that the Binder titles field, and hence the titles when displayed in a Scrivenings session, is a plain-text field. This would mean that for display purposes, Scrivener can allow you to choose your font for that field and make it bold, or perhaps italic as you wish, but note: (1) you have to set the display font etc. in the Scrivener Preferences as this is at an App level, not a project level; and (2) there is no way of making one of the words in a binder title italic, as plain text doesn’t recognise font variants … it’s one font and variant for all; (3) there is no line-spacing aspect to plain text and line-height is merely that set in the font itself.

I do see your point and greater separation would be nice. You can achieve it, and presumably you have, by setting ‘space before’ a paragraph to a suitable amount. However, to me, this is a temporary, cosmetic matter, and I sort out all my paragraph and line-spacing matters after compiling using Nisus Writer Pro, my w-p of choice.



One edit to remove bad punctuation.

The next major (paid) update has some improvements in this regard.

All the best,

KB, the more I see, the more I look forward to pay for the next (paid) update. If for nothing else, for the clean UI.

I am currently in a loving and monogamous relationship with Scrivener 2.8.

Scratch that. It’s a lie. I’ll try again.

I am currently in a ménage with Scrivener 2.8 and Marked 2. And despite loving Scrivener 2.8 truly, madly, deeply, I know I am going to dump it the very instant that Scrivener 3 is launched.

The hints and pictures from KB and Ioa are driving me loopy with longing. It looks and sounds so refined.

Coming from Cornwall, I think Scrivener 3––in looking so ripped and slick––should be code-named Poldark.

But in the meantime, can you please stop the teasing hints and pics, or at least mark your posts with a warning that the following content is likely to cause palpitations and writerly lustings?

Aw, L&L can’t help themselves. They are no doubt as mesmerized as anyone by this little “scrivtease”. Scrivener 3 clearly needs to find some Release.

“scrivtease”. Bravo. If only I had thought of that.