Improve your spanish

Hi, I´ve just discover this brilliant software and have being testing it last two days… Where I live, in Spain, we don´t have this kind of writing editors, and we have to import them in english, what makes them very confusing (try to write in a language with all the menus and ads written in other one. And that only if you can manage yourself in that foreign language)…

As Scrivener is by far the best option for writers I have found in the web, I would like to ask for something…

Will you translate Scrivener into spanish?

Of course I know this wish has other forum to be posted at. If I posted it here, at Feedback, is for the following reason:

If you´re interested in an spanish translation of Scrivener, just contact me, spanish is the third more spoken language in the world, so maybe you have nothing to loose… :stuck_out_tongue:

And I´ll be very proud to help you making Scrivener accessible to my (huge) community :stuck_out_tongue:

Hola, Cpt. Misson…

And unfortunately, that’s about the extent of my Spanish. :slight_smile: There have been several requests for translations of Scrivener into different languages, and I would certainly like to oblige. However, it is a big job, and it has to wait until the beta’s features have been stabilised for 1.0 - otherwise, translators will have to keep redoing parts that have changed.

But I would be very grateful for a Spanish translator, so thank you for your kind offer. When the time comes for localisation, I will most certainly take you up on this!


Let me know if you need Russian. I can’t guarantee a very fast turnaround, but we can certainly work out a schedule.

When the time comes, I’ll welcom all translations. :slight_smile: It will just take a little researching getting it ready for localisation. I know Apple have built it in, and I’ve been careful always to use the methods internally that ensure that all text can be swapped for localised versions. That said, I see that Mori and several other such apps have not localised yet because it is not quite as simple as it could be, so it will still be some time before I embark on this.

I have no idea how you localise software. In my mind, a developer sends you a table with all English words on the left and blanks on the right…

I’m probably waaay off :smiley:

Not far off, I think, though I have never looked into it properly.

(Mel Gibson. Braveheart)

Nice to see you´re interested KB, just contact me when you need that spanish course… :wink:

And… in my mind there is the same method that Gaijin de Moscu thought to localise software… :stuck_out_tongue:

Hasta luego (just to say “see you soon”, don´t ever see Schawarzenator here :laughing: )

I helped localize MailTags to Swedish a while back and went about it much the same way as Gaijin de Moscu suggests above. But I’m sure the process was a bit more complicated on the developers part. :wink:

Hola, KB, I´ve red you´ll be soon asking for translators… so, well, as I told you some moths ago, just send me an email if you need some help with your spanish :wink:

Hasta luego