Improved Inline Image handling

I’d like to see inline images be able to align left, right, etc. And perhaps also insert space between the image and the text. I frequently write articles with a picture in the left half the first paragraph to grab attention and the text to the right. Tables are not a good way to handle this. Currently I handle it in an HTML editor later. Or, if doing PDF, skip it.

Thank you for your suggestion.

You can achieve left- or right-aligned images, though without additional text, by left- or right-aligning the paragraph containing the image, and using the Format -> Line and Paragraph Spacing command. Beyond that, I can’t speak for what the developer may do in the future, but in the past this kind of layout-oriented feature has been seen as out-of-scope for Scrivener. It is not intended to replace purpose-built page layout tools.


Thank you for the prompt reply. However, we have failed to communicate. Windows does not have a format/ line and paragraph spacing. There is a paragraph alignment. Maybe the Mac version handles this better. But when the paragraph is aligned left, the text begins aligned with the bottom of the image. For my purposes, it needs to align to the top of the image.

After the header, I often begin articles with an image to catch the reader’s attention. The image is often about 1/2 of the normal width of page size. My text for the introductory paragraph begins at the top to the right of the image, and fills that space then wrapping around the image at the bottom. I think this is a very common format for magazine articles. An align=“left” attribute to the image achieves this in HTML. However, Scrivener essentially adds an align=“bottom” so the text begins at the bottom of the picture leaving a bunch of blank lines above the first line of text.

I do a lot of adjustments to the html for web pages, so I understand the “not final print ready copy” position, but I’d like to be able to print a pdf draft file which didn’t look goofy.

Thanks and hopefully the programmers will consider this.

I’m on Mac and this feature is also not available (as of version 3). Others have brought it up and explained why Scrivener doesn’t have it saying that Scrivener is not a layout program. Personally, I believe it’s possible to have this feature without turning Scrivener into a fullblown layout app. When reading articles online you’ll notice that this is a common practice among bloggers. They either start with an image on the left or right and the rest is just text. If the image is WIDE to begin with, it makes sense to have it on its own line, taking up the whole screen and then text begins right below the image. But if the image is not wide (like an about photo for example), and having it begin right next to the button of the image makes the whole thing look out of place. I too hope that the developer consider this for future updates, and have it align to the top of the image.

If you want to include raw HTML in your Scrivener project, you can certainly do so. Scrivener is not intended to be a full blown HTML environment, either.