Improved Reporting

I use Scrivener for Windows and Linux Version: - 06 Oct 2016

Is it possible to request progress reporting improvements?

Scrivener users may benefit from better reporting via a few key reports

  1. Summary Report
    Such as Reporting on values of the boolean fields (ToDo, First Draft, Revised Draft etc), Word and page count

  2. Detailed Report
    Same as Summary with more details based on the tracking metadata.

  3. Outline Report
    Scene title, Outline, intended scene length (Long or Short), word count etc

  4. Analysis Report
    overused words, plagiarism, spell checker, grammar checker, words to avoid (compared to an editable list), passive voice, dialogue, same repeated word use, repeated word within a sentence etc. This is an example from a longer wish list.

I understand from responses to my previous posts that Scrivener currently only supports 2 boolean fields, commonly used for POV and STATUS. The introduction of many boolean fields would pave the way for improvements in progress reports as suggested above.

As always, delighted to discuss.