Improvement: Binder/Collection selection

I have multiple folders with many files each, all in one project.
When I now create a Collection of a set of files, and I switch from Binder to a specific Collection, the content of the Collection is not shown in the Main window until I click on one of the files. But then, the formerly selected files in that collection get de-selected and only the one I clicked on to “activate” the Collection is shown.
Even more painful when switching back from a Collection to the Binder means that all selected files in the Binder have to be de-selected.
Same with the LINUX version, by the way.

Any way to just display the current Collection (re. the Binder) with the selection of files without having to re-select them all again? that can become quite a nuisance in bigger projects where just certain files should be shown even in a collection.

I’m sorry, I don’t really follow the problem. Could you please elaborate, perhaps with pictures?

OK, bit confusing really :slight_smile:

EDIT I found a way to display preselected items in a Collection by random clicking (here on the Collection’s title bar).
BUT it still doesn’t work the other way round – for pre-selected Binder files when switching from a collection back to the Binder. Which is much more of a drawback.

So: We have files AAA, BBB, CCC in the binder (and more).
We have also previously created a Collection of AAA, BBB, CCC, where AAA and CCC had been selected. We have then switched to the Binder view.
Now we select BBB.

Now we change to the Collection view. While the previous selection is visible (grey), the selectedBidner file BBB is still displayed.

If we now want to display the Binder content, and click therefore at “AAA”, the selection is discarded and only the clicked file is displayed.

Sorry, I’m still not really following what you want. You mean you want “BBB” to be selected when you switch to the collection? The only reason that isn’t done is that there’s no guarantee that the collection will contain the selected files in the binder, so collections are just left as they were.

I think what uhu wishes is that the Editor pane would update when switching back to a collection to correspond to the selections (if any) that persisted in the collection-file list (while one dipped back to the Binder and then returned).

So, in the example, at the last step (returning to the collection) uhu would wish to be seeing in the Editor whatever the editor would ordinarily be displaying when AAA & CCC were selected there – on the grounds that AAA & CCC are still selected in the collection’s file list, and yet the Editor is still showing whatever was selected back in the Binder.


That looks as covering it :slight_smile:

To make it more confusing, you must read the screenshot in reverse as mentioned above -– the problem is not the Collection, but when you have selected files in the Binder, view a selection and then switch back to the Binder.
So replace the screenshots for “Collection” with “Binder” and vice versa.

Which means now:

Precisely. And when one wants to display the original selection (AAA and CCC), you have to click on one of the files (AAA or BBB) thus de-selectiung the OTHER file and discarding the selection itself.

Now I’m confused (too).


Ha! Finally managed to confuse everyone :slight_smile:

En example:
In COLLECTION, select “BBB” and “DDD”
THEN in BINDER, select files “AAA” and “CCC”

Now switch from the BINDER to COLLECTION.
You see the files selected in the Binder (AAA and CCC), not those of the Collection
Klick on the Collection’s title (just above the last file in the collection).
Now you see the previously selected files of the Collection, i e BBB and DDD
So it should be.

If you now switch back to the Binder, you see still the Collection selection (BBB and DDD).
There seems to be no way to display the BINDER selection now (AAA and CCC).
Any clicking into the Binder de-selects the previously selected files (AAA and CCC) and ONLY displays the file you have clicked on.


I think I’ve got it this time.

And I learned a new trick from this: clicking three times on the separator bar effectively reselects one’s previously selected subset of a collection.*


  • ‘Subset of a collection’ coming at the end of that sentence sounds vaguely like a slur.

Okay, if I understand correctly, you are complaining that when you move from a collection to the binder, the collection’s selection is shown in the binder… correct? If so, this is intentional behaviour - whenever you go from a collection or search results to the binder, “reveal in binder” is essentially called.

If you don’t like this behaviour, there is already a hidden preference to suppress it: “SCRNeverAutomaticallyRevealInBinder”. To set it, on the Terminal, type the following and hit return:

defaults write com.literatureandlatte.scrivener2 SCRNeverAutomaticallyRevealInBinder TRUE

All the best,

My understanding of the issue initially was that the selected documents in the binder or collection weren’t immediately displayed in the editor after switching from one collection tab to another–the editor remains showing what was last deliberately selected rather than re-loading the pre-existing selection of the newly displayed binder tab. If that’s the what we’re talking about (I realise I may be off here), you can use Ctrl-Opt-Cmd-B to put focus in the binder (or Ctrl+Tab to cycle focus to the binder) and then use any of the Documents > Open commands to load the selection, e.g. Opt-Cmd-O to open in the editor.


I think that doesn’t quite get what is wanted, because the result of that operation will be, having reverted to the binder, to show in the Editor those things which were selected whilst in the collection, rather than those things which were previously (before dabbling in the collection) selected.