Improving the Personal Word List / Dictonary

I just bought Scrivener and it’s cool but I noticed that the German Dictonary don’t know lots of common words and it’s getting realy annoying to add these words to the personal word list one by one. So I downloaded a Textfile with “all” german words but I can’t add these word at once to the word list because to do that, I have to mark the complete list and when i do that, Scrivener sees the list as one big word. So it would be nice if the programm would seperate the word list by commas (or wahtever) in single words.
Or waht about just adding openthesaurus to the dictonary?

Hi Ace

Not a Windows user, so not sure if this link for additional dictionaries will help or not… … nary-files

Also, this thread about adding words to the user dictionary in bulk… … 30&t=26203

I have to agree with the original poster; I’ve had to add a lot of words to the Canadian English dictionary, too. Opening things up so we can use free open-source dictionaries is an excellent idea.