Improving the Web Import Dialogue

Two things would make this process simpler:1. If the user has a URL in the clipboard, automatically fill in the “Address” field. Quite a few programs that deal with the web do this. While it might seem to only save the mundane step of pressing Cmd-V, in conjunction with the below, it would make for a very rapid import process.

  1. If the title field is left blank, upon pressing “Ok,” Scrivener will attempt to grab the from the web page and use that as the name. If it cannot find a proper title (bad web designer!), then “New Webpage” would probably suffice. This could even be enhanced a bit with a little cue in grey italic type, informing the user of what would happen if they leave that field blank.
    If both of these are set up, the process of importing a web page could be as simple as Cmd-Opt-W; .

An excellent wish seeming so realistic (not unfeasible) that I stick up AmberV without any bad consciousness (:? )
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