In addition to 'word count target ...'

… it would be nice to have a character count target (with and without blanks).

For my daily job as journalist (in germany) this would be much more usefull, because no editor office I work with counts words, instead characters (blnaks included).


Please check out the new beta in the Beta Testing forum. :slight_smile:

Page count would also be very helpful for those of us screenwriters. :smiley:

You’re entirely forgiven because the latest beta forum posts are so vast but it and much more for you screenwriting types is in the latest beta.


Cool! I’ll check it out.


Okay, so I downloaded 1.055b and found the option for character vs word count, but couldn’t find anything for page count.

Obviously this is not a huge deal, and I’m certainly complaining, but I was just wondering if I downloaded the right beta?