In and Out of Dark Mode

Dark Mode on the Beta is great, but it’s not something I would use all the time as the permanent setting. At the moment, if I switch to Dark Mode (or any of the other themes) and then switch back, all my appearance settings revert back to the defaults.

Is this just because it’s a Beta, or will switching to Dark Mode and back always wipe out all personalised appearance settings and switch them back to the defaults?

Also, if this is permanent feature, is there a way of changing the binder/editor colours and then saving these changes as a “theme” so that I can switch straight back to those settings using “Load theme from file”? It looks like that feature is there but I can’t work out how to use “save theme as file”, as it’s in the drop down menu but can’t be selected.


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In the Mac version, there are two independent sets of Appearance settings, one for Light Mode and one for Dark Mode. You can also save your preferred settings as themes.


Hi Sean,

Yes, themes on the Windows version will always revert back to the defaults when switched. What you can do however is set your options the way you’d like and export them using the ‘Manage’ button located in the bottom left of the Options window. There you can ‘Save Options to File’ so that you can re-import them.

Hope this helps.

Thank you. I will try that!

Where can I find this Dark Mode?

File → Options (or F12, if you haven’t changed the shortcut)

Bottom left corner, “Manage”. Click. There they are, Dark Mode and others.

Or, from the menu that runs across the top - WINDOW then THEMES