# in between paragraphs on the compiled pages

I’m using the Non-fiction template for my book and I notice that there is a # between most of the paragraphs after I compile the document.

Seems weird because there is no such formatting in the raw text in the Editor.

Is this a Preference ( which I cant seem to find anywhere ) or some other feature I’m missing?


It’s not a preference, rather a function of the compile format you are using. These can have broad-ranging implications on how something prints. For example there are some outliner style formats that merely print the binder names of items in an indented list—no text at all, let alone the kind of separator between bits of text.

The text you work with in the editor is source material used by the compiler to generate a document of some sort—be it an eBook, web page, PDF or technical format intended for further processing like DocBook. A compile format can also, incidentally, merely pass through the text as you typed it, serving mainly as a tool for stitching individual chunks of text together into one file and little else. It can adapt to what you prefer in most cases.

When you load up the compile overview screen, scroll through the preview tiles in the middle column and look for that separator. If you’re using a fairly default setup, you should find at least three examples. This is pretty easy to fix:

  1. Double-click on the format in the left sidebar to edit it (or right-click and duplicate and edit if you want to keep a pristine copy aside).
  2. In the Separators compile format pane, go through each of the entries in the left sidebar. Wherever you see a “#”, change it to whatever you prefer.
  3. Once you’ve finished, click the Save button and try compiling again.

You could also try another format entirely, from the left sidebar. I think most do use some form of visual separator though, so you may have to do the above even if you find yourself preferring something like Modern or Proofing in general.

Thank you for the detailed reply. I’ve done as you suggested and now it compiles without the # separators.

I am trying to understand how to see what the finished book pages will look like. Are you saying that what I look at in Preview on my Mac after a compile is not how the finished book will appear? Is there another process which the compiled book is then fed into?

It depends on what format you are compiling to. If you compile to pdf you get the finished version but if you compile to ebook format (.epub or .mobi) the appearance (font, font size, text width, line spacing) can be changed in the ebook reader by the person reading the book.