In-browser Scrivener?

What are the chances of developing an all HTML5 version that would run in a browser or as a Chrome app? (a la shudder MS Office Web Apps) Or is Scriv simply too complex to keep all its functionality in that form? I have been spoiled by Google/Dropbox/Rdio and now need everything everywhere all the time.

I would gladly pay a subscription fee for such a version. Moreover, I offer you this! The day Scrivener for Chrome comes out, I will sell my Macbook Air, trade down to a $249 Chromebook, and send you the difference.

I don’t think the owners of Scriverner are interested., but somebody should be. I agree with you - there is a HUGE market in putting the functionality of Scrivener online. Eventually it will happen and it will become the new standard way of working. Client based applications are dying - everything is moving to cloud-based solutions.

Writing is a perfect app for this model. There are so many benefits. It’s really a shame that the power of Scrivener hasn’t already been put online - but it will happen, we just have to be patient.

  1. write from any OS, any hardware, any device
  2. never worry about backing up or losing your data
  3. sharing and collaborating your work easily with others online
  4. one version & full functionality for ALL platforms
  5. software is always up to date
  6. no installation headaches and fewer software bugs related to OS

The chances, from my observations and Keith’s answers to this kind of question, is almost nil. The issue is that even the relatively straight-forward word processor-in-a-browser requires a much larger team of programmers and support staff than does creating a program that resides on your hard drive. Google docs (now google “drive”) required a huge number of programmer-hours to develop, and I have no doubt that they also have hundreds of support staff employed in keeping it up and running. Similar things could be said about Microsoft’s online office products.

Yeah, we’ll see.

To answer the op, Scrivener is waaaay to complex to fit into a browser at the moment, HTML5 or not, but Clint is right, also, we aren’t that interested in browser-based writing solutions. We rule nothing out for the future, but right now our focus is on desktop and mobile versions. Time will tell if browser-based software really takes off or not, and even if we were interested, it would make no sense for us to plunge money we don’t have much of into a nascent market that may as yet go nowhere (and no, Google Docs isn’t a good test-case for Scriv :slight_smile: ).