In compiled ePUB, why large blank space above “Contents”?


I’m having a problem with the compiled ePUB file and the “Contents” page. When I test the file in Nook on my PC or on my Android phone, there’s a very large blank space above the “Contents” header which forces the header and content links down to the middle of the page or almost to the bottom if the text is set large enough. This problem does NOT occur in any other ereading app on my PC or Android phone. ***UPDATE: I forgot to try Adobe Digital Editions but just tested the ePUB file in it. The blank space above “Contents” DOES occur in Digital Editions as well.

I’ve brought the file into Sigil and messed around with the Contents page CSS coding. I switched out font size from percent to ems and made sure there were no margins. And I also tried editing the “stylesheet.css” file as well. But the problem still persists in Nook.

What could be the culprit?

I know this isn’t an ePUB forum but something that Scrivener is placing in the compile “Contents” is creating the space. I’d appreciate any help. Thank you.

Righto, the problem is that Adobe has its own extra, optional stylesheet for controlling margins (c.f. this helpful page) which Scrivener includes in compile. You’ll want to edit the Styles/page-template.xpgt file in Sigil to change the “margin-top” setting from 6em to whatever you prefer in the <fo:simple-page-master master-name-“single_column_head”> section:
I’ve verified that corrects it for ADE on Windows, so it should do the same for the Nook.

Problem solved! It works in Nook as well. Thank you, MM. I appreciate it.