In 'Ctrl + F' find Function, How can i, "delete only numbers from strings containing numbers"

I used to know but I forgot.

When choosing “RegEx”, you can search for:

String with 1 number.
Just another string.

and replace with:

\1no \3
String with no number.
Just another string.

Is that what you mean?

Actually, I only wanted to delete numbers from the subtitle file of a movie.

There are a mix of lines and other things in the caption file, like time data or dialogue, or string form command

I used to know how to use Scrivner’s Find tool to leave only dialogue data
but I forgot how to do it.

^(.+)(\d+\s)(.+)$ yea, It looks similar but not I’m looking for

I remember look like ^(0~9) kind of… more simple form

Can you tell me those two?

  1. How to leave numbers only
  2. How to leave text only

What are the formulas for these two?
I know this method exists in Scrivner.

thank you, Antoni

Ah, Actually I’m solve myself
I didn’t even know this was a regular expression

^(0~9){n} is just what i needed

anyways thank you anton

In RegEx mode, Find matches

\d+ for all digits in a string


\D+ for all text, not digits, in a string

Yeah, works also, when you add the subsequent nunber of digits between zero and nine to be found between the square brackets.