In-Document Shortcuts

I just upgraded to Scrivener 3 and none of the shortcuts work like they used to in the previous version. I use Scrivener not just for hobby writing, but for school, and want my notes formatted a certain way. I know it is simple and does not matter in the great scheme of things, but having to pause to go find Align Center instead of hitting CTRL + E, and having to go right click to make a new folder or document instead of CTRL + SHIFT + N or CTRL + N is wicked annoying. Is there any way to make these shortcuts work again?

Welcome, @AtlanticPuffin.

To answer your question: yes, there’s a way.

Go to File—>Options…, select the Keyboard tab up top of the Options window that opens, and you see all your keyboard shortcuts. Below that, there is an Import… button on the right. Click on the down arrow next to it and select Scrivener for Windows v1.

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You are amazing! Thank you so much!

Happy to help. Glad that worked out for you.