In general, about linux-version.

Hallo everybody. This is my first post here.

I’d wish to say only that, for me, it’s truly comfortable to have a linux-version of this program. I thank you for this.

I’m new user of scrivener for mac, but I work often on a linux-platform (Ubuntu Lucid), so the possibility of moving from the one to the other is very useful for me.

I have seen, however, that in the Linux version I can’t see the pdf documents of the “search section”. Is this a bug? Will be it resolved?

Nothing more else, than to thank you very much for your good and beautiful multiplatform app.


I don’t think PDF functionality is in yet. I think it’s one of those things they hope to have in Real Soon Now.

Aha, thanks for the information!

Please, could you tell us how does the Linux version of Scrivener? Does it work well? No bug? Is it far from the Mac version?

All my best,

I would characterize the Linux version as a bit behind the Windows version in terms of functionality. It’s based on the windows version but doesn’t handle everything the windows version does just yet.