In-Line Annotation Colors

I use in-line annotations in first drafts, but I’d like to be able to create multiple keyboard combinations, each of which creates an in-line annotation of a different color.

I have tried creating a style on a hotkey for a non-red in-line, but when I invoke it mid-paragraph, the style is applied to the entire paragraph, which makes it useless, and then turning the style back off and returning to the default style is likewise non-trivial if I want to keep my hands on the keyboard.

The fewer key combinations I need to remember, yet while keeping my hands on the keyboard, is preferable to having to mouse around while I’m in the middle of a typing run.

Does anyone have any insight on this?


Mac: 3.2.2 on Big Sur 11.3
Windows: 3.0.0 (Linux Mint 20.1 under Wine 6.7)

It sounds like you made paragraph styles when what you really wanted were character styles.

Also, since your style key commands won’t work as toggles, you need to define a character style to get you back to normal black text.