In-line spell checker busted again

When I first got scrivener the spell checker didn’t work. Then it sorta worked, sometimes, in some projects. Recently it stopped working entirely, again. This problem has been going on too long. I like Scrivener, but this ongoing frustration is making me look for greener pastures.

Please do not tell me about how to turn on spell check, I know the multiple ways to do that. Also, please don’t tell me to quit and restart program or computer, or to start a new project. done. done. and done. No avail.

If someone has a permanent solution, please tell me.

Thank you.

Alas, we do not have a permanent solution to this problem. We are not even sure what the precise cause is, as none of us have ever seen it happen on our systems. The case you are referring to where it didn’t work a while ago was resolved quite some time ago, but then Apple released a pair of updates to 10.8 and 10.7 which have caused reports of periodic failures to appear again, obviously with some different cause entirely. At this time, we are fairly sure it’s a bug within the OS itself. We’ve even had reports of it being flaky in other programs that use OS X’s spell check. To note, Scrivener doesn’t actually do anything with spell checking here. The extent of our code on this matter is telling the text engine to use it, and to provide the various controls and palettes that are provided for it. All of those controls are a black box to us. We can’t modify them or even reliably monitor their internal functioning (or lack thereof).

We continue to collect data on the problem. If you ever find a surefire way to make it go away, we’d love to hear about it! Like I say, it’s hard for us to come up with an answer when we never see the problem ourselves.

I had this same problem in the Postbox mail application yesterday - real time spell checking just evaporated in the same way and then came back again after this and that. So it may be a system bug indeed.

I had this problem, which coincided with loss of spell check in Mac mail. Running the free memory clean app seems to solve the problem.