In my history with word processors...

A big thank you from someone who has been writing on word processors since there have been word processors. (And before :slight_smile:

It’s so wonderful to have a word processor written by a writer. I’ve been importing all morning and getting everything organized, and haven’t had problems with anything, from web pages to stickies (and I love stickies, Scrivener will help reduce my dependency… :slight_smile:

My first word processor held text in 255 character chunks, and to print you had to memorize all these arcane codes. This was on the VIC 20, and I loved it. Because, previously, it was typewriters.

On the Commodore 64, a writer wrote a word processor for a computer magazine where you typed in the machine code yourself. And I did. And I loved it.

Word is a program that is more about typesetting than writing. And now, on the Mac (of course!) there’s Scrivener.

Thanks for validating my staying with the Mac. And for writing the best writing program yet. And for giving me the swiftest “test period” of anything I’ve ever downloaded.

Great tools. They’re always thrilling!

Thank you. :slight_smile: