In need of help...entire project text is gone.

Hi there. I’m beside myself trying to solve this via research on Google & this forum. One of my projects give me blank pages when I open. I have two years in this project and I have so much riding on it. Here are some details and what I have done to try and solve on my own. I’m giving extra details in case something I think doesn’t matter actually DOES matter.

-I’m using Scrivener 2.8.1

-All Mac & Ios systems are the latest versions of the operating system.

  • I have 15 projects on my Scrivener. All of the other projects will open and the contents are accessible.

-I sync my projects with DropBox

-I use both my ipad and my iphone on occasion to update a project. I’m usually diligent about syncing before closing the app. However, I’m human, it is possible this is where I fell down on the job.

-I was unable to retrieve an older copy on DropBox because it only goes back 30 days. It looks like it was February that I last opened this file.

-I searched trash and key words to see if there was any copy of the file hidden in any way.

-I was NOT able to open the project on my ipad.

-Today, I WAS able to open it on my iphone. I made a PDF draft so I would at least have access to all that I had written. I then synced and updated before closing my app.

-I do not get any messages when I try to open it. All of the note titles are present, but all the text is absent.

Thinking outside the box helped get a PDF version of the document, but it would sure be nice to not have to type this whole thing out again. Does anyone one have any insight on what has happened? Respectfully…Marian

Best place to find a good backup would be Scrivener’s automatic backup folder on the Mac. Go to Scrivener -> Preferences -> Backups, and click the button to open the backup folder in Finder.

If the project opens successfully on the iPhone, you can create a backup from there, too. On the Project screen, tap Edit, then select the project, then tap the Export icon (a box with an arrow coming out of it). That will create a ZIP archive that you can mail to yourself. Put that file in a safe place while you try to sort out what’s going on with the live copy.

Blank project contents usually indicates a synchronization error. There are files listed in the master index that aren’t actually present in the project. Is the Dropbox software actually running on the Mac, or did you download via the Dropbox web interface?