In Ocean theme, adding highlight does not reverse the color of highlighted text

(Sorry for adding so many or these glitch reports. I’m doing a deep dive on a project, and they keep turning up. Hope reporting them is useful.)

I’m using the Ocean theme, which is white text on a dark background. Adding a highlight to some selected text (Ctrl-Shift-H) doesn’t reverse the color of the highlighted text, producing white text on a yellow field.

I suspect this is true of most dark themes, but I haven’t checked.

Just FYI. I’m sure there’s a big pile of theme related to-do items you’re saving till the end.


Workaround for those who need it. Select black as the highlight color and highlight some text. The result will be white text on a black BG.

After that, Ctrl-Shift-H will use the last-chosen color as the default, in this case black.


Thank you!

Is there way to use some default colours?

You are right