In one project only, I cannot type the word Them without it getting a yellow background

How do I turn this off and why did it happen?

Any chance you have a Project Search in process for the word ‘them’? That would cause this.

Go to Edit > Find > Project Search to check.

If that’s what’s happening, you can end the search by clicking on the ‘x’ on the right of the Project Search field.


If you figure out how this happens, please let us know! If we could do that on purpose, it could lead to a nice feature I’ve wanted but couldn’t find — a more complicated version of the same thing.

You can continuously search for overused words by placing those words in the Project Find textbox with Search in: Text, Operator: Any Word in Included documents. Even while you are writing. They’ll get highlighted in yellow. :wink: Is that what you’re after?

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Absolutely not. I’d like to type the name of a character and have Scrivener automatically apply a style (the “character” style perhaps). The reasons I could want that are complicated, but it would make a lot of things possible.

Find is a temporary thing; styles persist.

That was it. Thanks.