In-page search deleting searched term (minor irritant)

I LOVE Scrivener, but after using it regularly for a year or so, my one issue is on doing an in-page search, where my search terms get deleted if I use the Enter key rather than mouse click on the ‘Next’ box.
For example:
On a document I click ctrl+F to find a particular term. A window pops up, I type in my term, and THEN:
a) If I click on Next in the box using my mouse, the first example of the term from where my cursor is in the document gets highlighted. If I carry on clicking Enter using the mouse it just cycles through all the uses, goes back to the top of the document and goes through them all over again.
b) But if, once I’ve typed in my search term, I click Enter on the keyboard (on the highlighted ‘Next’ box), which is what I instinctively do, once it’s gone through the examples of my search term and then goes back to look from the start of the document, for some reason the action sits on the TERM instead of the Next instruction, and when I press Enter again, the term within my document is deleted.
I know something’s gone wrong because my keyboard is now controlling the cursor in the document (even though the Find window box is still there), and if I keep in pressing Enter I just get more carriage returns, and in the meantime the keyword in the document I was searching for has been deleted.
Does this make sense? Bit of a longwinded way of explaining it but hopefully it can be replicated.
Thank you!

Thanks, yes, makes sense. Got this on the bug list. Would it work for you to switch focus back to the editor first, then use F3 to step through each instance? That might at least be more reliable, as far as not suddenly changing the behaviour and overwriting text.