In-place image markup

Two things: I LOVE Scrivener! It is perfect for my little creative project and organizing my entirely chaotic thoughts. Thanks so much, Keith!

Second, I’m posting this with the feeling that it doesn’t fit with the aesthetic of Scrivener. So there’s the grain of salt.

Here’s the idea: I drag an image into a Scrivener document. I then select a highlighter, or a pen, and draw directly on the image. These marks are saved with the document as a means of calling out certain features.

– OR –

I drag an image into a Scrivener document. I then delineate “hotspots” that link to other Scrivener documents. These hotspots are clearly visible when looking at the image.

Here’s the use case: I’m including maps in my Scrivener document and would very much like to be able to say, “Yes, that’s the Valley of Valleyness and here is the extended description in this other chunk of text.”

Like I said before, I have the strong feeling that this functionality doesn’t quite belong in Scrivener… but as I haven’t been using it for long and might be missing something.

I haven’t tried to drag any map images into Scrivener. For me, it would be preferable to link from Scriv to Google Earth, showing an image of the exact map coordinates. You can also add mark-up to that image, such as place names, borders, or icons, and the layers also provide a wealth of illustration possibilities. I assume you’re dealing with real instead of imaginary landscapes.

Google has just released a tool, My Maps, that allows users to create personally enhanced and annotated maps. See story in MacWorld: … lsrc=mwrss

Good idea about Google Earth… but I’m taling about maps from a made-up world that I’ve drawn and scanned in myself. ( =

You mean there’s no Google Middle-Earth??? What a ripoff!

Integration of Google Earth’s kmz files in the research section would be of great help, even if Scrivener just externally launched GE. I could keep track of all those referenced map points then!

You can drag any file type into the References - in 1.03 References are only per-document, but in 1.04, which will be out in a couple of weeks, you can hold project-wide References, which will be ideal for this sort of thing.