In Scrivenings Mode, Why are Some Scene Titles in Normal Black, and Others in Grey?

I have structured my novel in the Binder so that it is separated into Parts, with each of the 9 Parts represented by a folder.

And I have put Scenes into each folder.

When I have any one of the Parts highlighted in the Binder, and I am in Scrivenings mode, Some of the text on the Scene ‘cards’ is in normal black type, and some of the other Scene cards have text that is grey.

What is going on here?

What settings have I turned on or off for the Scenes that have either normal black type, or the ones that have the grey type?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Probably the ones that are grey are auto-generated, while the ones that are black are text that you specified.

I think a point of clarification is that you are looking at the Corkboard, right? If that is the case then yes, black means you have typed in a synopsis for the scene, and grey means you haven’t (and it’s just showing the first little bit of the text as a preview).

If you are looking for the actual Scrivenings mode, as your post title suggests, then press Ctrl+1, or use the View ▸ Scrivenings menu command.