In the absence of actual bookmarks… a workaround.

Because the word “Bookmark” is used in scrivener to label a facility to store resources attached to an entire project or to specific documents within a project, and not as a means of quickly finding one’s way back to specific places within a project or document in a project, use one of the following methods:

Option A. Set up a custom Meta-Data checkmark named “Bookmark” or “Flag” (so that it isn’t confused with Scrivener’s incorrect use of the same word.

  1. In the metadata tab in the inspector, click on the “+” button
  2. Type in “Flag” as its name.
  3. Choose “checkbox” as its type

Now each of your documents will have a “Flag” custom metadata that is un-selected by default. You can include the your new “Flag” custom metadata in the outline view as a column where you can easily sort and view the documents that you have flagged.

Option B. Because the above option (A) doesn’t allow you to bookmark or flag within a document, you may want to instead use Scrivener’s “Notes” metadata facility. These can easily be searched and a collection (a saved search) can be set up making it easy to see and navigate to all of the places within your project that you have left your bookmark bread crumbs.

  1. Select a word or phrase or place your cursor anywhere in the text of one of your documents.
  2. Open the Notes pain in the Metadata inspector.
  3. Type “!!!” or some such easily repeated set of chars you would not normally find together in any string of text.

Then, set up a Collection (saved search) that will find and list all instances of your special bookmark indicator string in your document notes metadata.

  1. Type the same bookmark string “!!” in the find field above the binder.
  2. Click on the gear icon and choose “in notes”.
  3. Click on the gear icon and choose “Save as collection”.
  4. Type “My “!!!” Bookmarks” as the collection name.
  5. In “View” menu select “Show Collections”
  6. Click on the “My “!!!” Bookmarks” collection to show all incidences of your bookmarks.

Unfortunately, you will not be shown a list of all incidences of these bookmarks, only a list of all documents that contain at least one such bookmark.

Would be nice if Scrivener provided a true bookmarking function.

This is a nice hack. You could make it even more convenient by automating it with Keyboard Maestro.