In the process of redesingning the website

and I will see how well scriv works for getting the words right. Let’s be honest, the graphical content and other joy is a whole different story

Got myself my copy of dreamweaver, and today will seat down and see if I can come up with a decent way of using Scriv in my development efforts.

So far I have found out that it is great for developing a magazine issue, an RPG book… and of course a novel. I have an idea of how I can use it, and if not… well… I will report back

As is I want my website this year to do more work… as it were… and actually have three sub-websites after the index page… that alone will be interesting in the design stage.


I’m not one to hide from a good challenge

I did the major design work for the index… though text… yep, dummy text mostly

Anyhow… the way I see it… this will work wonders.

The site will have three sub-sites… one for the game company star product, one for my writer’s life and of course one for the fantasy setting.

Well, create folders or subsections for each… and it works wonders…

I must say… Keith this is ONE HELL OF OF A PROGRAM and you can expect a link once the new site goes up, perhaps even a review.

FWIW, my when I was redoing my website recently, I discovered RapidWeaver by Realmacsoftware and never looked back. SERIOUSLY cool web design and maintenance tool.

(Caveats: I’m not a professional web designer, and I haven’t looked at Dreamweaver in years.)

FWIW, I didn’t specifically use Scrivener in my efforts to date, because I was mostly converting the old site to the new format. But I am seriously considering pulling some of the longer pieces back into Scrivener to redo them.


and the reason why I decided to buy a second license is… we have DW on the WIN machine. Believe you me I tried to open the old site on several other editors… and it didn’t work that well

Also I KNOW that DW is pretty lean on the code side… and I am doing a whole new site with new content… (except the catalog)… it is time

And in this sense Scriv is shining for the text side

(I will add, the other reason why I got the editor is… I will be leaving soon with parents to Mexico… dad broke a hip and mom needs help for a couple of months, otherwise… there was no need to buy a second copy)

FWIW, one of RapidWeaver’s weaknesses is NO import – you have to recreate old sites.


DW is installed in this computer now and I am working on new site… so all is well.

There are some areas where Mac apps are a tad weak… that said… finding a good web editor that is not code heavy for the windows platform (that is not DW) ain’t easy either.

I tried several before I settled on DW over three years ago.

I may be in the market for such a thing ('Doze based web editor) in the near future, with the added proviso that it has to be cleared to run on a classified government computer. So I have this sneaking suspicion I’m going to end up doing it in MS Word. [grin]

And to make this at least marginally about Scrivener, I’d even settle for the Windows version of SuperNoteCard (which I consider to be Scrivener’s evil – or at least incompetent – twin) on either of my work systems. But, again, I work in a place where Word is considered cutting edge software. (As a former employee of a cutting edge software company, I find this especially painful.)



reality is… DW is used in Corporate and Government environments all the time

Now as to the evil twin… may I recommend a FREE app? Called keynote…

No, it has not been updated in a while, and yes I use it even now with Crossover.

I came from the WIN environment and boy I find that one to be a blessing (since it runs on Crossover)