"In Use" flag for each project

Is there any way for you to program a flag such that when a project is opened Scrivener will not attempt to open that project on any other device? Naturally, as the Project is closed, the flag would be reset to Zero. This would save us from the Sync problems that occurs when you are out in the garden with the iPad, or on your phone while away for the day, and you have a great idea for a plot turn but forgot that you left that project open yesterday on your desktop back in the house. Seems like a simple and common solution, but obviously there must be a technical reason that eludes me why this has never been implemented.

That’s already a thing. If you watch Dropbox when you close a project, you’d notice a lock file being deleted as the last bit of cleanup.

Then why isn’t there a warning box popping up in Scrivener telling us that “This Project, is already open on .”? One wouldn’t normally be monitoring their Dropbox when working. For all practical purpose, especially to non-techies, that’s essentially a background process. But a warning from Scrivener seems a logical expectation.

There is such a warning, actually. You would see it if you were working between two Macs. You don’t see it on the iPad because of differences in how iOS file access works.

Avoiding this sort of problem is why Mac Scrivener has an automatic quit feature.


Thank you, Katherine. I don’t have the luxury of owning two Macs. <sigh< The macOS/iOS combination is where it would do the most good, but this is yet another weakness that renders Cook’s own “toaster-fridge” a less than professional platform. “What’s a computer?” indeed! I still love Scrivener, and I applaud Keith for making a decent lemonade from iOS lemons . :smiley: