In Which I Invent Help+ (OS X)

What if, when you invoked the Help Menu (OS X here) with Command-Shift-/, OS X automatically ordered the list it provides based on frequency of use, like the app Alfred does.

That way you wouldn’t have to remember keystrokes (other than the one to invoke help). You’d just call up Help, type a couple of letters in and, more often than not, your choice would appear in one or two strokes.

I originally thought of this as a Scrivener feature — I actually use help this way because I can’t remember key combinations, I think all toolbars are ugly, and I don’t know what ⌥ means — but put it in this section because I knew Keith would tell me that Help is an Apple thing.

But Keith, if you can make it work in Scrivener, please consider this a wish list item.

CheatSheet may be something to look at:

It still uses icons for key modifiers (e.g ⌥) but in context you may come to remember them: Command (⌘) and Shift (⇧) are easiest to remember, Control (^) is fairly standardized, so Option (⌥) is the only oddball.